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 Today’s qualified loss control specialists enjoy flexible hours and good pay—and the demand for their services has never been stronger. We invite you to train now at the Insurer’s Loss Control Institute. We’re the industry leader in loss control education, offering two programs to prepare individuals to work in this growing field: ILCI is a leading, independent educational institution that provides in-depth training in the principles and practices of Loss Control and Property Inspection for the insurance industry. We support the professional development of Loss Control practitioners who go on to work for regional and national companies, and those who develop rewarding careers as independent contractors, providing important services sought after by Loss Control services companies or insurance carriers. 


ILCI Course Description Our courses are now entirely online and include self-study readings, self-paced Learning Management System training modules, case studies, and access to industry experts to answer your questions, and provide in-depth feedback on assignment submissions. Topics and competencies addressed include:

  • The fundamentals of loss control assessment and commercial insurance
  • Understanding risk assessment criteria
  • Effective interviewing techniques
  • Sound, in-depth decision making
  • Effective technical and business writing
  • Essentials of customer service 


ILCI’s Professional Development Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the program. 


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This 50-hour self-paced online program is designed for individuals with some level of experience in loss control or a related field such as home inspection, fire safety, insurance claims adjusting or underwriting, tax assessing, or code enforcement. Or who may have construction, safety or military experience. It will guide you through the detailed principles and practices of all areas of Loss Control inspection and reporting. You will learn the real-world skills needed to prepare you to pursue a satisfying career in Loss Control. 


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Defining Risk Assessment

Risk-Book-200Written by ILCI instructor Patrick Hill, Defining Risk Assessment is the definitive book on loss control survey and reporting procedures. The text is a key resource in the ILCI program.