Loss Control Representative

A Loss Control Representative performs inspections and prepares reports for insurance underwriting purposes. Insurance companies use the reports to properly insure a commercial building, or business operations, for a new policy or renewal of a current policy.

Loss Control Surveys

Loss control surveys provide insurance underwriters data on an Insured’s, or prospective Insured’s, operations, loss potential, existing controls and the probability of eliminating undesirable or substandard conditions. Coverages may include all commercial property and casualty lines, such as property, liability, workers compensation, auto, and inland marine.

As a Loss Control Representative, you will contact the Insured and schedule an appointment to visit their location. The required information will be gathered by interviewing the Insured’s designated contact, physically inspecting the location, and taking photographs. The interview and on-site survey are conducted as part of the effort to help prevent a covered loss.

Responsibilities of a Loss Control Representative

A Loss Control Representative provides the following professional services:

  • Contacts the Insured or prospective Insured
  • Identifies potential loss-producing conditions
  • Investigates the causes of the loss and develops corrective action to prevent recurrence
  • Develops action plans to reduce the probability, and minimize the seriousness, of loss
  • Prepares recommendations which address risk exposure and outline the benefits of correcting deficiencies
  • Uploads reports, images and diagrams through a dedicated website

High-quality, accurate loss control surveys guide the underwriter in the selection of profitable business, and help the Insured control losses through the demonstrated value of the Loss Control services provided.

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